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Balloon Care

Inflation Information

  • All balloons are shipped flat, without air or helium. Use an air pump to inflate, or take them to your local grocer for helium. Please refer to balloon description as to whether balloon can be filled with air, helium, or both. Please note, not all balloons can be filled with helium.
  • Never leave balloons in a hot car or hot area, as they will pop!
  • Balloons may shrink in a cold environment, and re-inflate once they're back to a warmer room temperature.
  • Direct sun and wind can cause damage to your balloons. Store indoors for longer lasting times. 
  • 11 inch latex balloons only last 6-12 hours. 3 foot balloons and latex balloons will last longer with proper care.  We are not able to guarantee a specific time frame for how long each individual balloon will last. As much as we wish balloons were actually filled with magic, unfortunately they are not.

Chocking Hazard 

  • Always supervise children with balloons. 


  • Always secure balloons to a weight heavy enough to hold it down.
  • Please do not release balloons into the sky. It can cause damage and pollution. 
  • Dispose of balloons properly when finished with them.