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You know what a new year means: another resolution we may or may not follow
through with. BUT this year, we're really serious, and like many others, our resolution is to read more books! If you're like us and need a little extra accountability, join or start a book club with your friends! It’s the perfect excuse not only to read but to get together to talk books and drink lots of wine! Continue reading for tips and tricks to help host an epic book club meeting!

How To Choose a Book

Choosing a book can feel intimidating, but there are lots of
ways to pick a book everyone in your club will love!

  • Choose a Theme: Maybe it’s summer, so you want to read flirty romance novels, or maybe you and your girls are more into murder mysteries. Whatever your interests are, choosing books with a common theme will keep the whole club interested!
  • Take Turns Choosing: We all have a list of books we want to read that may not come up in a book club. Let everyone share a book on their list by taking turns choosing a book each month!
  • Take Inspiration From Other Clubs: There are so many popular book clubs out there, like Jenna’s Book Club or Reece’s Book Club, that always have a great list of book recommendations! Take their advice and choose a book from their catalog!

Discussion Questions

Luckily, there are dozens of cheat sheets for great questions to ask during your book club meeting! Keep things interesting by choosing a few generic questions and a few questions specific to the book you read! If you need some inspo, here is a short list of common questions:

  • What is the significance of the book’s title?
  • What was your favorite part or chapter of the book?
  • Are there any lingering questions you are still considering after reading the book?
  • If you could ask the author a question about the book, what would you ask?
  • Would you recommend this book?
  • Would you read another book written by this author?

Hosting a Book Club Meeting

Book club meetings are a great opportunity for a chill evening with friends; don’t stress too much about hosting! Here are a few fun ideas to incorporate at your next meeting:

  • Make dishes or appetizers that relate to things in the book.
  • Let the host share their current favorite wine with the group.
  • Set the table with decor based on the book’s theme.
  • For a sit-down dinner, make each place card out of library cards.


If you host your own book club or use any of our products in your celebration, we'd love to see! Tag @jollityandco and use hashtag #partywithjollity!