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Wholesale FAQs

Placing an Order:

  • All orders can be placed online through your customer account or by email.
  • Orders will be processed within 2-3 business days.
  • If you need to make any changes to your order please email us ASAP. 

Order Minimums:

  • Opening Order Minimum: $300
  • Re-Order Minimum: $150
  • Case Sizes: 12 for tattoos/stickers and 6 on all other items


  • All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Virginia. Shipping, taxes, duties and fees are paid by the wholesale vendor.
  • For International Stockists, Jollity & Co will send an invoice for the order total including shipping, once the order is packed. 

Email Marketing:

  • By submitting an application and/or placing an order with our company, you are agreeing to have your email added to our wholesale marketing subscribers list.
  • We promise to never spam you or share your contact information with anyone.

Please Note:

  • Alongside our wholesale line, we run a brick and mortar store. Therefore, we carry items from other companies and these items are not available for wholesale.
  • We offer our retail customers free shipping on orders $60+ and run promotions for those customers. Free shipping and promotions may not be applied to wholesale orders, unless otherwise noted.

Interested in Terms?

  • After six months and over $1,000 in orders, accounts are welcome to apply for net 60 terms. A 10% monthly service charge will be assessed for all past due invoices for accounts on terms. Orders will be placed on hold for those accounts with past due invoices until invoices are paid in full.
  • Click here to submit a 60-Day Credit Terms Application.

Questions? Contact Us:

   Mercedes Sweeney 
   Wholesale Accounts Manager