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Free shipping on orders $65 | Our storefront is open for pickups: Mon - Fri, 9 - 5

Wholesale FAQs

Placing an Order:

  • All orders can be placed online through your customer account or by email.
  • Orders will be processed within 2-3 business days.
  • If you need to make any changes to your order please email us ASAP. 

Order Minimums:

  • Opening Order Minimum: $300
  • Re-Order Minimum: $150
  • Case Sizes: 12 for tattoos/stickers and 6 on all other items


  • All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Virginia. Shipping, taxes, duties and fees are paid by the wholesale vendor.
  • For International Stockists, Jollity & Co will send an invoice for the order total including shipping, once the order is packed. 

Email Marketing:

  • By submitting an application and/or placing an order with our company, you are agreeing to have your email added to our wholesale marketing subscribers list.
  • We promise to never spam you or share your contact information with anyone.

Please Note:

  • Alongside our wholesale line, we run a brick and mortar store. Therefore, we carry items from other companies and these items are not available for wholesale.
  • We offer our retail customers free shipping on orders $60+ and run promotions for those customers. Free shipping and promotions may not be applied to wholesale orders, unless otherwise noted.

Interested in Terms?

  • Click here to submit a 60-Day Credit Terms Application.

Questions? Contact Us:

   Mercedes Sweeney 
   Wholesale Accounts Manager